Pink Go Launcher EX Theme 2.5.2


This is the Pink version of my Neon Theme

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*Please download Go Launcher ex from the market before using this theme*

*Includes 110+ Custom Icons

*PLEASE email me for any problems before giving a bad rating =)*

This is not a standalone theme. You need to download Go Launcher EX from the market before you can use this.

Pink version of my neon theme! :)

Thank You for your download and i hope you will enjoy the theme!

How To Use:
1. Download and install this theme.
2. Download Go Launcher EX from the market (search Go Launcher or Go Launcher EX)
3. After downloading Go Launcher EX press the "home" button on your phone and select "Go Launcher"
4. Press menu on your phone then select "Preferences"
5. Select "Themes Preferences"
6. Select "Pink Neon Theme"

More Icons and Colors To Come!

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